Blueberry Squares


So I started a destash project — my Log Cabin Blankie — and ended up with more yarn than ever.

But then I saw this beautiful pattern and I thought, ok, I can try another destash.

This is from susyranner on Flickr.

But I have this favorite pic of blueberries — it’s my desktop background — and coincidentally the colors would look great in my room….

So I’m on a quest for Simply Soft in these colors.

I have started a GIMP image incorporating the yarn swatches onto the berries.

swatch palette for Blueberry Squares

swatches of Simply Soft


About catwirk

obsessive yarnmistress and incessant dreamer, disguised as a graphic designer. Recipes are my creations, unless noted. other creative channels involve weaving, painting, writing, blogging, beads and wire.

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