I needed a place to talk about all things yarn, but it turned out to be a good place to record recipes I invented or stole.  Then I decided it could be a gallery for other stuff I do.  So when you’re not reading about my latest adventure into fiber, paint, beads or words, you might find something good to eat.

In and around these creative adventures are observations and revelations.  In 2014 I added a new home.  So there will be some other domestic experiments to look at.

Some of my stuff is also on Facebook at facebook.com/TheCatWirks — see you there.


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  1. Hi Stormy, this is Carol Sams, former Art Director with Richards Medical, (Smith and Nephew now). Discovered your site by way of mutual friends (Susan Steel and Jeanne Seagle) on FB! would love to follow you here and friend on FB. I’ll send a request. Thank you!


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