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In most circles of geekery today, I would not be considered a gamer.  That doesn’t stop me from referring to myself as one.

Why?  Because when I get tense, I find an online game to distract me from work and make me feel superior to myself.

Since I am tense during most of my waking hours and some of my sleeping ones, I pretty much play online games way more than a silverish lady should.  And “gamer” is a much nicer label than “fanatic” or “nutjob.”

Now it happens there’s been an all-out war against the much-despised Flash platform that locks up your browser, hogs your memory and requires updating every 3.2 days.  Firefox even blocked it for two days in mid-July 2015.  And while Adobe “fixed” Flash, the latest FF/Flash update left my favorite games unplayable.

I refuse to play games on Facebook because “the popular social media site” (as they say on CNN) wants too much of my attention.  It wants to rat me out every time I play Candy Crush.  And it keeps asking me for stuff, like all my pictures, my email address and sensitive information, like whether or not I shave my legs every day.

So this week when I got tired of watching the wheel of infinity/browser timeout on, I wandered over to Google and found my way to the Famobi game site.

Aside from the grammar-twisting hyperlink labeled “What is HTML5 games?” and a few misspelled words, it’s a nice, quiet little place to go and waste some time or reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, depending on your perspective.  There are typical match 3, bubble shooter and mahjong selections, all sorted into tabs at the left side of your browser.

Girls?  There’s a Girls section?

I resisted looking at it for days and then curiosity got the better of me.

There are a lot of makeup games in that section (as in putting it on your favorite actress’ face), one called Fluffy Egg (I cannot figure out why this game is gender specific; it has nothing to do with reproduction), a few about baking (see previous comment) and one called — I kid you not — What Does Your Boyfriend Look Like?

In order to avoid barfing on my keyboard, I quickly went back to the home page and located a few games that you might enjoy.

I think if you click on the pictures it will take you there.

If not, the Web address is

Don’t tell the authority figure(s) in your house I told you about this.

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