necessityI knew as soon as I walked in I was home. I had a list of specs that had seemed improbable when I drafted them: lots of light, warm, quiet, clean, with a full kitchen, bath and washer/dryer.  Those are virtually non-existent in Midtown in my price range.

So it wasn’t ALL that clean. But it had an icemaker AND a dishwasher. It also had a personal landlord, not a property manager.

The first decade of the millennium was one of divorce, divestiture and downsizing.  So when I moved in I wasn’t bringing all that much with me.  And that was fine.  But it means careful budgeting for a while to save up for the things that I really want.  So I’m making do for now.



Man, those things are dust havens.  Enter my old Swiffer stick.  But no Swiffer pads, just old linen napkins that I was about to give to charity.  They work just fine.








bathroomNo shower curtain?

Yep, that’s a window. The left of frame is the door jamb. My place has this beautiful curved 4″ moulding throughout. What’s in place there is a tension rod braced against glazed ceramic tile.  So guess what happens when you hang a towel on the rod or pull the shower curtain closed too vigorously?

windowDid you know that PVC makes an excellent shower curtain rod?

Granted, my installation isn’t elegant.  I keep shopping for an alternative that doesn’t involve drilling holes into the tile.

At least at this height the shower spray doesn’t mist over the top of the rod and the space is deep enough that I can move around in the shower without batting the curtain out of the tub.



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